We provide detailed research, analysis and ranking on NFT projects. The first platform to provide insurance against Rugs.

Our Project

SolCondoms is the creator of the $CONDOMS utility token on the Solana blockchain, created to protect our HODLers from getting rugged by NFT projects, and in remembrance of those that forgot to DYOR and use protection. We aim to create a platform to provide detailed crowd-sourced research and analysis of new NFT projects and upcoming mints, as well as supplementary education on what we learned from past rugs. Our initial focus is prevention and safety.

The project will have a DAO that provides a platform for its members to join hands and prevent the risk associated with minting new projects. We will provide a first-of-its-kind insurance mechanism for the projects approved by the DAO as safe to mint. The role and future of the DAO will be completely in the hands of the community. 


  • Initial airdrop for early investors
  • Provide liquidity and staking rewards on Dex
  • Reach out to rugged project communities
  • Write an alpha whitepaper, with
    tokenomics and roadmap
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing 
  • Set up the DAO with Players and
  • Create a site for the Rug-Prevention Platform 
  • Set up a subscription model for the Platform and incentivize Protectors 
  • Launch ICO for 20% of the supply in order to fund the creation of further utilities 
  • Hand over the governance of the DAO to Veteran members
  • Use Phase 2 ICO funds to develop Rug-Prevention Utilities 
  • These can include automated statistical analysis of NFT projects and wallets
  • CEX Listing
  • Insurance platform for Platform members, staking of NFTs, and so on



What are SolCondoms?

SolCondoms is the founder of the $CONDOMS MEME + Utility token on the @solana blockchain created to protect our HODLers from getting rugged by NFT projects, and in remembrance of those that forgot to DYOR and use protection.


What is $CONDOMS?

$CONDOMS is a deflationary token with a total supply of 928 million (928,000,000) tokens with the price for early investors at $0.00001. 


Why do we really need a token?

We need to incentivize Protectors and DAO members to contribute research on new NFT projects, and the best way to achieve this is via our own token. The platform we provide will also be accessible via the token, which will be burnt when the Players use them.


Who are the team members?

Our strongest point! The project was founded by three young researchers from across the globe with background in computer science, and mathematics to check the Rug Pull in the NFT market. Devs include a former intern at Microsoft, and a Simon research institute fellow. The team is composed of one media person and two artists contributing to the project with their creative vision. 

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